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"A Temporary Matter"

• Shoba and Shukumar are young, married Indians.

• Power to their neighborhood is being turned off at eight nightly for an hour over the next five days to make repairs.
• Since January, Shukumar has been working at home during the day to finish his dissertation.

• Shukumar does not leave the house for days at a time. Shukumar does not even get the mail or shop at the nearby stores.

• Shoba becomes more involved with her work, but he stays in more.
• Shukumar had attended an academic conference in Baltimore six months earlier.

• Shoba was pregnant and due in three weeks, but assured him everything was okay since she has a ride to the hospital.

• At the conference Shukumar received a phone message from the hospital. By the time he got to Boston, their baby had been delivered dead.
• Shoba spends her time working. Shukumar thinks they...

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