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Samira Ahmed
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the internees chant as they approach the gate?

2. What American motto does Layla use to describe the crowd who march to the gate to demand the camp be closed?

3. What adds urgency to the students’ plans for a protest fast?

4. How does Dr. Han help the cause of the internees?

5. What is the motto Jake told Layla his friend lived by in the para-resecue corps?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Layla have planned after she gets the article out of the camp to be published?

2. What kind of gathering starts to collect outside the gates of the camp?

3. What changes when Dr. Han comes to examine Layla’s injuries in her cell?

4. What does Jake tell Layla about his life?

5. How does Layla’s first article change life at camp Mobius?

6. What does Jake tell Layla about his compass rose tattoo?

7. What circumstances lead to Soheil’s death?

8. What does the Director weaponize in his second meeting with Layla in his office?

9. What are the new rules that apply to camp Mobius after the fast protest at the Mess?

10. How does Layla characterize the crowd that advances to the gates?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the effect of the Author’s Note on the contents of the novel. How does the Author’s Note change your reading of the novel? How does it add to it? Does it take anything away from it?

Essay Topic 2

Research the various internments the book references: the Japanese internment during World War II, the Nazi concentration camps, and the caging of kids at the American border that happened under President Trump. Which case most closely resembles the internment in Ahmed’s novel? Which parts of the novel reflect different cases? What parts are new to this novel?

Essay Topic 3

What is the role of women in Internment? How are women’s roles or actions different from men’s? Does this novel’s portrait of female characters challenge conventional notions of what it means to be female? What does Ahmed teach the reader about being female? What ideas of femininity does Ahmed resist or overturn?

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