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Samira Ahmed
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role does Layla play for Ayesha and Soheil?
(a) Minder.
(b) Chaperone.
(c) Matchmaker.
(d) Teacher.

2. Where do Layla and Ayesha find seclusion to talk?
(a) In the Mess.
(b) In Ayesha’s trailer.
(c) The garden.
(d) In Layla’s trailer.

3. What does Layla say is in the American grain?
(a) Forgetting.
(b) Racism.
(c) Rebellion.
(d) Injustice.

4. How does the police chief justify his role in Layla’s family’s relocation?
(a) He says that he is following orders.
(b) He says that the town will be pure now.
(c) He says that times are changing.
(d) He says that races need to stick together.

5. What do the Exclusion Guards confiscate, while Layla and her parents are packing?
(a) Their books.
(b) Their guns.
(c) Their phones.
(d) Their money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ayesha say she is from?

2. How does the Director end the violence surrounding Noor’s arrest?

3. How does Layla characterize her faith?

4. What does Jake tell Layla about making any plans?

5. Where does Layla find David?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is happening around Layla Amin at the beginning of Internment?

2. What is David’s family’s position regarding these restrictions against Muslims?

3. What does David say when Layla phones him from the internment camp?

4. How does Jake engineer a meeting between Layla and David, and how does the visit go?

5. How well does Layla’s world correspond with America under Donald Trump?

6. Who is the White Rose, and what does she mean to Layla?

7. How does Layla describe the drive to the train station?

8. How do Layla's parents get notification that they are being relocated?

9. How does Layla describe the layout of Camp Mobius?

10. What does Layla take when being relocated, what does Layla leave?

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