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Samira Ahmed
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Layla compare the camp to on her final morning there?
(a) An outdoor market.
(b) A theatre.
(c) A desert.
(d) A train station.

2. Who does Layla think must be the traitor who has talked with the Director about the students’ plans?
(a) Abdul.
(b) Noor.
(c) Suraya.
(d) Ayesha.

3. What does Jake confiscate from Layla after the confrontation with the Director?
(a) Her notebooks.
(b) Her access to garden tools.
(c) The burner phone.
(d) Her access to David.

4. What is the motto Jake told Layla his friend lived by in the para-resecue corps?
(a) Unity. Security. Prosperity.
(b) That Others May Live.
(c) A More Perfect Union.
(d) E Pluribus Unum.

5. What American motto does Layla use to describe the crowd who march to the gate to demand the camp be closed?
(a) Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
(b) Land of the free, home of the brave.
(c) One nation under God, indivisible, with justice for all.
(d) From many, one.

6. What order do the internees in Layla’s block ignore when Layla comes out in the morning?
(a) Stay away from Layla.
(b) Get in line.
(c) Get on the ground.
(d) Shut up.

7. What does David show Layla the next time he sees her at the Hub?
(a) Articles about the camp.
(b) Her article online.
(c) Weapons he can deliver.
(d) A letter of support.

8. Why does Jake tell the Director that Layla cannot disavow the article she had written?
(a) She does not need to answer without a lawyer.
(b) As an internee, she could not have passed the article out of the camp.
(c) As an internee, she could not have access to see the article.
(d) She still has freedom of speech.

9. Why does Jake say he is still going along with the Director’s plans?
(a) To set the Director up for a sting operation.
(b) To learn more about the Director’s intentions.
(c) To rein in the Director’s worst impulses.
(d) To keep his confidence, and protect people.

10. What lesson does Jake try to impress on Layla by telling him about his mother dying?
(a) That death is final.
(b) That it is hard to lose people you love.
(c) That she would be sad to lose her parents.
(d) That people live in each other’s hearts.

11. Who intervenes when Saleem raises his hand to strike Layla?
(a) Layla's father.
(b) Jake.
(c) Khadijah auntie.
(d) Ayesha.

12. Who tells the woman to pipe down when she accuses Layla of causing the restrictions at morning roll call the day after the fasting protest?
(a) Layla’s mother.
(b) Ayesha.
(c) Layla's father.
(d) Ayesha’s mother.

13. What injuries has Soheil suffered from the fasting protest?
(a) A dislocated shoulder.
(b) A broken arm.
(c) A broken nose.
(d) Broken teeth.

14. How many protestors stage the protest at the fence?
(a) 25.
(b) 33.
(c) 20.
(d) 12.

15. What does Layla describe in her first article about life in camp Mobius?
(a) Noor’s arrest.
(b) The segregation by ethnicity.
(c) Her parents' depression.
(d) Missing her Nanni.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Layla characterize the changes she sees in her parents?

2. How does Layla explain her injury to her parents?

3. Where are Layla’s parents when she returns to her trailer?

4. How does Dr. Han help the cause of the internees?

5. What does Khadijah auntie compare Layla to at morning roll call?

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