Internment: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Samira Ahmed
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1. What is happening around Layla Amin at the beginning of Internment?

Layla is sneaking to her boyfriend David’s house, while the rest of her town is meeting at a book burning in the Center Square. The government has passed Exclusion Laws limiting Muslim-Americans’ freedoms; Muslims have been forced to register with the government, and they have been treated as enemies of the state, and Layla’s father has lost his job teaching poetry; as all these things pile up on her and her family, Layla wants to escape the chaos a bit by visiting with David for a few minutes before the curfew goes into effect.

2. What kind of town does Layla live in, and how is her town bearing up under the new policies?

Layla thought that her liberal college town would be protected, but riot police with tear gas suppressed the students’ protests, and now many people are getting on board with the restrictions against Muslims. Layla runs into Mrs. Brown, who owns the candy store, and she is bringing Layla's father’s book to the burning; another neighbor threatens to catch Layla for violating the curfew.

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