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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Hemingway's first published work?

2. What was Shelley's nickname at school?

3. What happened to Rousseau's children?

4. What type of relationship did Hemingway have with his mother?

5. What country was Ibsen born in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Hemingway was particularly prone to accidents - what were some of the most severe?

2. How did Ibsen interact with women?

3. What personal hygiene habits did Hemingway have?

4. Why could it be argued that Karl Marx is the intellectual who has had the most impact on people?

5. How did Tolstoy view women?

6. Why are all of Ibsen's works so different?

7. Describe Harriet Shelley.

8. What duty did Percy Bysshe Shelley believe that the enlightened man had to society?

9. When Marx wrote poetry as a child, what was the content of his creations?

10. Why did Tolstoy go through periods where he would renounce art and only exert moral leadership?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is Paul Johnson's writing style? Discuss both the mechanical aspect of his writing and his "voice" throughout the book. Make sure and discuss what literary tools and devices he relies on most and what specific parts of the text reflect his voice?

Essay Topic 2

Johnson spend a lot of time discussing how each Intellectual saw himself, and how each defined their role in relation to mankind. Select two different Intellectuals compare and contrast using textual evidence the self image each had and what effect they hoped to achieve in the world.

Essay Topic 3

Johnson identifies rebellion against convention as a motivation for most intellectuals. Selecting several intellectuals and using textual evidence describe how their philosophy could be viewed as a rebellion against pervading society and describe how it changed the way people looked at conventions.

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