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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Marx's daughter, who became a mistress of Edward Aveling?

2. How many drafts of War and Peace did Tolstoy write?

3. What country was Ibsen born in?

4. Why did Ibsen claim he liked to be around young women?

5. What was the nickname of Hemingway's son, Jack?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Marx wrote poetry as a child, what was the content of his creations?

2. What addiction did Hemingway suffer from most of his life?

3. Describe Harriet Shelley.

4. How did Marx believe that Socialism would come about?

5. What effect did Ernst Hemingway have upon American culture?

6. What comparison can be made between the views of Emerson and the views of Marx?

7. How was Emerson viewed in his time?

8. Why are all of Ibsen's works so different?

9. Why could it be argued that Karl Marx is the intellectual who has had the most impact on people?

10. Hemingway was particularly prone to accidents - what were some of the most severe?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Johnson states that Hemingway invented a new type of writing style that affect the rest of American writers. Identify this style and how it would go onto influence other intellectual using textual examples from Intellectuals.

Essay Topic 2

Define the philosophy of existentialism and how it influenced society, both in the time of Jena-Paul Sartre and today.

Essay Topic 3

Intellectuals suggests that many great thinkers have uncommon or dysfunctional personal or family relationships. Using textual evidence, identify at least three thinkers who had uncommon family relationships and discuss how this effected their work and their personal life, comparing and contrasting each thinker with the other.

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