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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, pgs. 156-172.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Rousseau's children?
(a) He abandoned all of them at orphanages.
(b) They were adopted by Lord Boswell in England.
(c) They all died at birth.
(d) They all grew up to be writers.

2. How did Ibsen pay for his university education?
(a) He worked as a grammar tutor.
(b) By waiting tables.
(c) He worked at the fish docks.
(d) By writing plays.

3. Why did Ibsen claim he liked to be around young women?
(a) They were muses for his writing.
(b) He liked to have them about as servants to take care of him.
(c) He liked to pretend they were his daughters.
(d) He was attracted sexually to young girls.

4. What was Shelley's nickname at school?
(a) Scythrop.
(b) Baron Secrecy.
(c) The Eton atheist.
(d) The Poet Prophet.

5. What movement did Ralph Waldo Emerson found?
(a) New Nationalism.
(b) Naturalism.
(c) Transcendentalism.
(d) Enviornmentalism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What lecture given by Ralph Waldo Emerson would be dubbed the American 'intellectual declaration of independence?'

2. Where was Rousseau born?

3. What novel did Shelley's wife Mary author?

4. How many children did Rousseau have with his wife?

5. What was the name of Shelley's first wife?

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