Inside the Walls of Troy Short Essay - Answer Key

Clemence McLaren
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1. Describe Helen in Part 1, Chapter 1.

Helen enjoys playing games with her cousin. She cheats in order to win. She loves "childish things" like running to the stable to see a new foal and tries unsuccessfully to hide from Theseus.

2. Does Theseus like Helen initially?

Despite kidnapping Helen, Theseus develops a fondness for the young girl. He does not admonish her imperious demands but shows her kindness and tries to take her attention away from troubles by showing her dolphins.

3. What is the legend of Zeus and his progeny?

According to legend, Zeus takes on the guise of a swan to mate with mortal women.

4. What is the transformation that happens to Helen after she leaves home?

Under Theseus' guidance, Helen stops biting her nails and changes from an impulsive girl into a cultured and attractive young woman who attracts a lot of attention for her beauty and poise.

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