Objects & Places from Inside the Walls of Troy

Clemence McLaren
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This location is abandoned by one of the principal characters in pursuit of a lover.


This object is used in a game of skill where players throw it in the air and attempt to catch it on the back of the hand.


This object terrorizes citizens for a long time until finally defeated by a character who names a ship after it.


This location is a Grecian port of departure in the story.

The Acropolis

This location is built of formidable rock, lying high above the port, and is considered impenetrable.

Penelope's Marriage Bed

This object is made from a living oak tree and is considered magical in influence for anyone who comes into direct contact with it.

The Hellespont

This location is the conduit for trade and its ownership is the real cause of the war.

The Silver Flute

This object changes to...

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