Inside the Walls of Troy Character Descriptions

Clemence McLaren
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Considered beautiful and spoiled, this character is twelve years old, of marriageable age, and leaves Sparta to be with a lover.


This character suffers because of emotionally traumatic visions, and over time, develops a strong character to rescue people during difficult events that cannot be prevented.


Impulsive, cowardly, and physically beautiful, this character is considered irresistible, charming, and reckless. This character moves from humble origins to living in a palace.


This character chooses a spouse based on intelligence and character and is credited with organizing the trick of the Trojan horse.


Considered god-like and feared by adversaries, this character is invincible in battle, fiercely loyal to kin, and the powerhouse of the Greek army.


Betrayed by a spouse, this character has red hair and becomes a furious avenger bent on punishing enemies.


Dazzling the Greek army's hero, this character finds out...

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