Inside the Walls of Troy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Clemence McLaren
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Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

• In Part 1, Chapter 1, the reader is introduced to the character of twelve-year-old Helen, a Spartan princess, who is playing knucklebones with her cousin Penelope. Helen is impulsive and free spirited.

• While her father and brothers are away hunting, Theseus, the King of Athens arrives and kidnaps Helen, taking her nurse Hessia as well.

• In Part 1, Chapter 2, they travel aboard a ship called the Minotaur, where Helen demands food, water, blankets, and other supplies.

• Theseus complies, bringing also honeyed wine and showing Helen dolphins in the water.

Part 1, Chapter 3 | Part 1, Chapter 4

• In Part 1, Chapter 3, Theseus and Helen discuss her birth and how it is surprising that she is a blond child in a family of olive-skinned people.

• When the ship lands in Piraeus, they leave in Theseus' golden chariot to the Acropolis, while people surround them in crowds, admiring Helen's beauty.

• In Part 1, Chapter 4, Theseus...

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