Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. When was Albert Speer born?


2. What teaches Speer how to adjust to adversity?

His physical problems.

3. What develops Speer's self-discipline and joy in taking common action?

Joining a rowing association.

4. Whose assistant does Speer become?

Heinrich Tessenow's.

5. What takes place in 1927?

Speer passes his architect's license examination and marries Margarete Weber.

6. Although Speer is turned off by Joseph Goebbels, what does he do?

Joins the Party.

7. Does Speer read MEIN KAMPF?


8. Does Speer become anti-Semitic?


9. Had Speer known about Hitler's intentions, what would he have done?

Left the party and/or Germany.

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