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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 14-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Speer help deal with Berlin contractors in rebuilding the decrepit Chancellery?
(a) Frankfort architect Paul Ludwig Troost.
(b) Munich architect Paul Ludwig Troost.
(c) Dresden architect Paul Ludwig Troost.
(d) Berlin architect Paul Ludwig Troost.

2. Why does Goering have Speer design a new Air Ministry?
(a) He feels slighted.
(b) He likes Speer.
(c) He feels over-worked.
(d) He does not trust Speer.

3. Speer is disappointed by the mere ___________ "art tour" of Paris that suffices Hitler for life.
(a) Five-hour.
(b) Three-hour.
(c) Two-hour.
(d) Four-hour.

4. When winter closes in on the Russian front, the Soviets destroy what, leaving the Germans unable to resupply themselves?
(a) The railroad system.
(b) Planes.
(c) Buses.
(d) Roads.

5. What happens when Hitler encourages servility among his entourage?
(a) He becomes corrupted by it.
(b) He becomes unsure about it.
(c) He becomes worried by it.
(d) He becomes annoyed by it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Speer's Nuremberg building blends _________________________ but on a monumental scale.

2. Does Speer get time to acclimate to the job before a conference with the military and industry convened by Field Marshal Erhard Milch?

3. Top figures in industry and government endorse Speer's scheme, and despite Goering's threat to resign as head of the Four-Year Plan and Speer's promise to work within his framework, Hitler gives Speer what?

4. Goering is jealous of the military impinging on what?

5. How many people attend Hitler's daily afternoon dinners at which he is harsher than at Obersalzberg, offering monologues that show little growth since his "fertile" youth?

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