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Essay Topic 1

Speer is a talented architect.

Part 1) Describe his training and four building projects he designed. How does each project show his talent? How does his personality aid in each building project?

Part 2) What does Speer think about the way he used his talent? Why does he feel this way? How does he try to right the mistakes he has made?

Part 3) What do Speer's actions reveal about his personality?

Essay Topic 2

Speer is accepted into Hitler's inner circle.

Part 1) What leads to this acceptance? How does this change Speer's life? What do others think about this acceptance? Why?

Part 2) How does Hitler benefit from Speer's work? How influential is Speer's work in Hitler's Germanic Reich?

Part 3) How does Speer fall out of Hitler's good graces? What does this reveal about both Hitler and Speer?

Essay Topic 3

Hitler aims for a Great Germanic Reich.

Part 1) Describe Hitler's...

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