Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs Character Descriptions

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Albert Speer

This character traces his life and reveals his innermost feelings while focusing on Adolf Hitler as the primary character.

Adolf Hitler

The undisputed central character in this memoir, this character is variously described as simple, natural, modest, hypnotic, persuasive, magnetic, and megalomaniacal in the scope of his plans.

Martin Bormann

Nicknamed The Fuehrer's Mephistopheles and Hitler's shadow, this character is a Reichsleiter, always at Hitler side, scheming, philandering, and taking notes on everything and everyone.

Eva Braun

Adolf Hitler's longtime mistress, this character has to live an unseen life, dependent on Hitler's secretary/bookkeeper.

Karl Doenitz

Commander-in-Chief of the German Navy with the rank of Grand Admiral, this character succeeds Adolf Hitler as the German Chief of State after Hitler's suicide and cancels Hitler's demolition policy.

Friedrich Fromm

Chief of Army Armaments with the rank of General, this character is in charge of mobilization, serves as...

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