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Part 1, Chapters 1-4

• Chapter 1, "Origins and Youth," traces Albert Speer's ancestry, his birth in 1905, upper-middle class childhood, physical problems that teach him adjust to adversity, and schooling.

• In 1927, he passes his architect's license examination and marries Margarete Weber .
• Chapter 2, "Profession and Vocation," depicts Speer's teaching years and first exposure to Hitler's hypnotic personality.

• He joins the Party in 1931, without reading MEIN KAMPF.
• Chapter 3, "Junction," shows Speer little involved in the Party and out of work when he is called to rebuild the Berlin district headquarters.

• His success with Goebbels and Hitler has its ups and downs until he impresses Hitler by his design for the Nuremberg Party Rally.

• Helping Munich architect Paul Ludwig Troost deal with Berlin contractors in rebuilding the decrepit Chancellery, Speer attracts Hitler's attention, is invited to dinner, and becomes the young man destined to design Hitler's legacy.
• Chapter 4, "My Catalyst," describes how Hitler, appreciating...

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