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Short Answer Questions

1. Who becomes sick in Philippa's kitchen?

2. What grows for Norman during his time spent watching Mary?

3. Who gives Philippa a gift in "Book 3, Acts of Violence: Chapter 7"?

4. Where is Philippa a student, in the epilogue?

5. Who plans to marry Violet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Philippa find at Mary's death scene?

2. What does Norman learn while watching the house on Caldecote Terrace?

3. Discuss the events that lead to Norman's theft.

4. Discuss Maurice's involvement in Mary's death.

5. What does Philippa do about Mary's death?

6. Who visits Philippa and Mary's flat in "Book 3, Act of Violence: Chapter 7" and what happens during the visit?

7. What grows for Norman as he continues to follow Mary?

8. Discuss the gift that Mary gives Philippa.

9. What does Philippa learn from Maurice when she goes to Caldecote Terrace in "Book 3, Act of Violence: Chapter 8"?

10. What occurs when Philippa goes to Caldecote Terrace in "Book 3, Act of Violence: Chapter 8"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the relationship between Maurice and Hilda and the effects their relationship have on Philippa.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss and describe the plot of the story and the importance of having a clear and understandable plot.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the genre of the novel and the reasons why this novel falls into this particular genre.

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