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Short Answer Questions

1. How many districts does Norman narrow the destination of Mary down to?

2. Where does Philippa talk to Mary when Philippa visits her?

3. Where is the real estate office that Philippa visits in Chapter 13?

4. Where does Norman follow two women?

5. How many years will it be before Norman receives a pension?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Philippa confronts Hilda in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 4"?

2. Discuss Maurice's marriage to Hilda.

3. What happens when Philippa speaks with Mary Ducton in prison?

4. Discuss the manuscript that Mary gives Philippa.

5. What happens on Philippa's trip to Melcombe?

6. What happens in King's station?

7. What does Philippa announce in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 4"?

8. Why does Norman go visit a private detective?

9. What happens when Norman first goes to York station?

10. What happens when Philippa arrives at the prison to visit Mary Ducton?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the relationship between Maurice and Hilda and the effects their relationship have on Philippa.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the idea of wealthy and poor in the novel. Include the effects this has on certain characters.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the idea of revenge in the novel. Include how it is used and the effects it has on specific characters.

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