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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hilda lack when answering Philippa's questions?
(a) The truth.
(b) Information.
(c) Forcefulness.
(d) Abruptness.

2. What is Norman shocked to see in "Book 2, An Order of Release: Chapter 1"?
(a) Mary meets a woman at York station.
(b) That he is nervous about following Mary.
(c) Mary meets a man at York station.
(d) Mary does not arrive at York station.

3. Who checks out the neighborhood of Caldecote Terrace in "Book 2, An Order of Release, Chapter 5"?
(a) Maurice.
(b) Mary.
(c) Norman.
(d) Hilda.

4. Who urges Philippa to look into Mary Ducton's conviction?
(a) Violet.
(b) Hilda.
(c) Gabriel.
(d) Maurice.

5. Who arranges a party for Norman in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 8"?
(a) HIs best friend.
(b) The head boss at his work.
(c) His girlfriend.
(d) The head secretary at his work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philippa offer the real estate agent she sees?

2. Where does Philippa travel in order to visit her biological mother?

3. What does Eli give Norman in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 12"?

4. Where is Philippa's birth mother said to have worked before Philippa was born?

5. What does Philippa question her adoptive mother about in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 4"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Norman's travels to Brighton.

2. Discuss the first few days of Mary's release from prison.

3. What happens when Norman goes home after his celebration party?

4. Discuss the visit Norman has with Eli Watkin.

5. What happens when Philippa arrives at the prison to visit Mary Ducton?

6. What occurs after the dinner party Philippa attends is over?

7. How does Norman find Hilda?

8. What does Norman learn when following Philippa and Mary?

9. What does Philippa announce in "Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapter 4"?

10. Discuss how Philippa finds a flat to rent.

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