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1. Discuss Philippa's adoption.

Philippa is adopted when she is eight-years-old. She has very few memories of her life before her adoption. She often fantasizes about her biological parents' love affair and also of finding her biological parents.

2. Why does Philippa go to see a social worker?

Philippa goes to see a social worker in order to obtain her original birth certificate. Philippa files under a new law in order to obtain it. She wants to get her original birth certificate so she can learn the identity of her birth parents.

3. Who is Philippa's adoptive father?

Philippa's adoptive father is Maurice Palfrey. Maurice is a sociologist. Philippa often feels like a burden around Maurice as well as a social experiment due to Maurice's job as a sociologist.

4. While growing up, what is Philippa told about her biological parents?

While growing up, Philippa is told things about her biological parents that are not true. Philippa is told that her biological mother is a servant at Pennington when she meets Philippa's biological father. She is also told that her biological parents are not married at the time of her birth.

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