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This object is used to kill a person for their crimes when they are released from prison.


This object is made by Mary Ducton and it gives her great pride.


This object speaks of the murder of Julie Scase.

Canvas Rucksack

This object is used in order to hold other objects that will be used to kill a murderer.

Henry Walton Painting

This object is hung in Mary Ducton's room by Philippa.


This object contains the dead body of Julie Scase before it is stolen.


This place is located in the bottom half of Philippa's flat.

Flat on Delaney Street

This place is rented by Philipa in order to share with her mother before leaving town.

Caldecote Terrace

This place is where Philippa lives with her adoptive parents.

Goat and Compasses

This place is where Scase grows up with his aunt, uncle and...

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