Innocent Blood Character Descriptions

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Philippa Rose Palfrey

This character is adopted and goes on the search for their birth parents.

Maurice Palfrey

This character is highly educated and becomes bitter after learning he is not the legitimate parent of his child.

Hilda Palfrey

This person is timid and considered to be unintelligent and not articulate.

Mary Ducton

This character helps dispose of a murdered victim's body and is caught and sent to prison.

Martin Ducton

This character is meek and docile, and has an affection for young girls, which leads to a case of rape.

Norman Scase

This character marries a younger woman and has a daughter who is raped and murdered.

Julia Mavis Scase

This character helps an injured person make tea and is then raped and murdered after offering her help.

Helena Palfrey and Orlando

This character seduces a man into marriage, aware that she is already pregnant with another...

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