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Book 1, Proof of Identity: Chapters 1-3

• Philippa Palfrey is adopted at the age of 8.

• Philippa has few memories about her life before her adoption.

• Philippa fantasizes about her biological parents.
• Philippa visits a social worker to petition to get her original birth certificate; she wants to learn the true identity of her birth parents.

• Philippa receives her birth certificate.

• Philippa realizes her biological parents are married when she is born; she is told otherwise during her life.
• Philippa travels to visit her biological parents; they no longer live at the address she visits.

• Philippa learns that Martin Ducton died in prison and Mary is still in jail serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of Julia Scase.
• Maurice thinks about his past while he is at work.

• Maurice discusses his marriage to Helda who seduced and married him while aware she was pregnant with another man's...

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