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Cornelia Funke
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This book is a dark children's book written by Fenoglio. A silvertongue accidentally reads three characters out of this book and this character's spouse is transferred into the book.

Meggie's Book Box

This contains some of a main character's favorite items, including books and items read out of books by another silvertongue.

Basta's Talisman

This is worn by a character to ward off superstition and evil spirits.

Basta's Knife

A character uses this to threaten the lives of other characters. This is stolen by a performer read out of a book by a silvertongue.

Black Jackets

This is the name of a group of henchmen based on a style of clothing they wear.

Dustfinger's Backpack

This item belongs to a performer who was read out of a book by a silvertongue. This serves as a catch-all for the character's belongings and a travel case for the character's...

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