Daily Lessons for Teaching Inkheart

Cornelia Funke
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Chapters 1-5

These first few chapters introduce the main characters of the novel. The objective of this lesson will focus on character.


1) Class Discussion: Discuss with students the main characters of the novel. Discuss Mo and his daughter, their unique relationship, and Meggie's missing mother. Discuss the impact her missing mother has Meggie and the impact it appears to have had on her father. Discuss the appearance of Dustfinger in the middle of the night and Mo's reaction to him. Discuss Meggie and Mo's sudden departure from their home and Dustfinger's insistence on going with them. Ask students to hypothesize the lies of omission that Mo appears to be giving to his daughter and Dustfinger's need for her to know the truth. Finally, discuss Elinor with students.

2) Character: Define character. Ask each student to begin a character sketch for each character in the novel, keeping...

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