Inkheart Fun Activities

Cornelia Funke
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Create a collage out of pictures cut out of magazines that depicts a theme of the novel.

Diorama of Capricorn's Village

Create a diorama that depicts the village in which Capricorn and his henchmen live.

Diorama of Author's Village

Create a diorama of the village where the author lives.

Elinor's House

Create a diorama or a drawing of the home where Elinor lives, careful to depict the many books Elinor has in her home.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that uses words found in and are inspired by the novel.

Create a word search using words found in and inspired by the novel.

Board Game

Create a unique board game that depicts the conflict between Mo and Capricorn.

Short Story for Theresa

Write a short story like the one the author might have written so that Mo could read Teresa out of Inkheart.

Short Story of an Idol

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