Inkheart Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Cornelia Funke
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Meggie? What great love does she share with her father? How did Meggie learn to read? Why does her father never read aloud to her? What is her book box? Who made it? What does it contain? Where did the lining of the box come from? Why do Meggie and her father travel so much? How does Meggie feel about this? What does Meggie learn from Dustfinger is the real reason for their frequent moves? What else does Dustfinger reveal to Meggie that she did not know before?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Mo? What is Mo short for? What does he do for a living? Why does Dustfinger call him Silvertongue? What happened to Mo's wife? Why does Mo never read aloud? Why does Mo take Meggie to see Elinor? What does he bring to Elinor that he hid from Meggie? What is important...

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