Inkheart Character Descriptions

Cornelia Funke
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Meggie Folchart

This character is a smart, inquisitive person who has a deep love for books that is shared with this character's father. This character's mother disappeared when this character was a small child and the true story of this disappearance is not revealed until much later in this character's life.

Mortimer Folchart

This character can read objects and characters out of books, causing an accident that traps this character's own spouse inside of a book.


This character is a kindly, cowardice character from a fictional book who is read out of his book by another character and left to survive in a world this character does not fully understand. This character moves around and makes a living performing, doing juggling acts and using supernatural controls over fire.


This character is a mischievous martin-like creature who travels around with another character from the book.



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