Inkheart Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cornelia Funke
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Chapters 1-5

• Meggie and Mo receive a visit from Dustfinger, a stranger to Meggie who advises his father to give someone named Capricorn what he wants.

• Meggie is unhappy with the idea that her father is keeping secrets from her since they have been alone for years and he has never kept secrets before.
• The next day Meggie wakes to discover that Mo is planning on taking a sudden trip. As they prepare to leave, they find Dustfinger waiting for them at the gate.

• Mo decides to take Dustfinger with them to visit the aunt of Meggie's long missing mother, Theresa.

• When they arrive at Elinor's home, Meggie discovers that she is a collector of books, many books that she treats like her children and dislikes anyone touching, especially a child.
• Meggie notices that Mo has taken a book wrapped in brown paper out of the van and...

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