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Short Answer Questions

1. What color are the suspenders Drummond wears to court in Act 1, Scene 2?

2. Brady says that Drummond defended a publishing company for what?

3. Who notices the train when Brady is arriving?

4. Brady complains that Drummond is bringing too much of what during jury selection?

5. Who announces the meeting held at the court on the night of the jury selection?

Short Essay Questions

1. Hornbeck just listens to Brady's speech, unlike the other reporters, who hang on Brady's every word. What does this tell the audience about Hornbeck?

2. Why does Rachel stand on the sidelines instead of participating in the prayer meeting?

3. Why is it significant that Meeker pushes aside the woman who is praying for Brady when he collapses?

4. What does the presence of the radio man signify?

5. Brady says that Cates' "bigoted opinions" will not be forgotten by the community, even if they are removed from court record. What does this say about the power of ideas?

6. Why does Cates leave the church that Rachel's father preaches at? Does she hold this against Cates?

7. Why is it ironic that Reverend Brown is in a bad mood the first time the audience meets him, yet he scolds others for not having community spirit?

8. What does Rachel's conflicted loyalty between her father and Cates symbolize?

9. At the end of Act One, Drummond is left alone on the stage. What does this moment signify?

10. How does Drummond's experience with the rocking horse shape his life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Brady and Drummond are the two main characters of the play, both fighting to win over the town and of course, their side of the case. Choose either Brady or Drummond and analyze the following. Part 1) Describe this character based on what is said about him before he arrives in Hillsboro. Part 2) Compare this image to who he is when he arrives. Part 3) Analyze how and why he has changed by the time he departs.

Essay Topic 2

Relationships are an important part of Inherit the Wind, as they show us how other characters treat one another. Choose one of the following relationships and explain what you have learned about the participants, based on their relationships with one another. - Mr. and Mrs. Brady. - Rachel and Reverend Brown. - Rachel and Cates.

Essay Topic 3

Out of the following three characters, determine who you feel has the most to win or lose with Cates' court case and why. Back up your theory with specific examples from the text. - Reverend Brown. - Brady. - Cates.

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