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Short Answer Questions

1. When Hornbeck comes to town, what does he buy?

2. What type of meeting is held at the court on the night of the jury selection?

3. According to Cates, the townspeople are treating him worse than who?

4. Who encourages the town to greet Brady's arrival?

5. What do the storekeeper and Mrs. Krebs discuss in Act One?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the character, Rachel.

2. How does Drummond's experience with the rocking horse shape his life?

3. Hornbeck says progress has made ordinary people obsolete. What is meant by this statement?

4. What is Cates' punishment, assigned by the judge after the verdict is read?

5. Hornbeck refers to the prayer meeting as a show. What moments so far in the play have also created a show-like atmosphere, and why?

6. Why are the townspeople happy about the trial?

7. What is Howard's reaction to the teachings he receives on evolution?

8. Why do the workers choose to leave the "Read Your Bible" sign up on the courthouse? What does this signify?

9. After collapsing, what speech does Brady give as he is being carried away?

10. Why does Drummond attempt to dismiss Dunlap without asking him any questions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The judge assigns Cates the punishment to pay a fine of $100. Answer the following questions:

1) Is this the sentence Cates expects to receive?

2) What does the sentence reveal about the judge's feelings on the case?

3) Why does Cates still plan to appeal the verdict?

Essay Topic 2

The small talk between the characters in Inherit the Wind is simple and mindless.

Part 1) What topics are discussed? Why?

Part 2) What topics are not discussed? Why?

Part 3) Why do you think the townspeople stick to safe topics? What might happen if real conversations started taking place?

Essay Topic 3

Relationships are an important part of Inherit the Wind, as they show us how other characters treat one another. Choose one of the following relationships and explain what you have learned about the participants, based on their relationships with one another.

- Mr. and Mrs. Brady.

- Rachel and Reverend Brown.

- Rachel and Cates.

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