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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If Cates apologizes, Drummond feels that Cates will be what?
(a) Tormented.
(b) Reinstated as a teacher.
(c) Abandoned.
(d) Cowardly.

2. Drummond believes what type of people never experience confusion?
(a) Fools.
(b) Lawyers.
(c) Clock-starters.
(d) Religious.

3. Brady is called Colonel in spite of what?
(a) His lack of military service.
(b) The fact that he was a general.
(c) His inability to spell it.
(d) His inabilily to pronounce it.

4. Drummond refers to what as "Brown's product"?
(a) Socialism.
(b) The Bible.
(c) Religion.
(d) Fear.

5. According to Hornbeck, who is the monkey's greatest descendant?
(a) Brady.
(b) Melinda.
(c) Reverend Brown.
(d) Darwin.

6. The townspeople hope Brady's presence will provide what?
(a) Religious fervor.
(b) Business.
(c) Media attention.
(d) Order.

7. What does Drummond ask Rachel about her mother?
(a) Whether she was holy.
(b) Rachel's feelings about her.
(c) Why she doesn't support Rachel.
(d) If she divorced Reverend Brown.

8. What is Howard doing at the beginning of Act One?
(a) Witnessing a crime.
(b) Fighting his brother.
(c) Arguing with a monkey.
(d) Looking for worms.

9. Rachel tells Hornbeck all answers to existence are found where?
(a) The heavens.
(b) The Bible.
(c) The stars.
(d) Nature.

10. How does Rachel describe Brady to Cates?
(a) "The biggest man in the country."
(b) "Hungry for power and reluctant to forgive."
(c) "A crusader for the wicked."
(d) "Scared of his own shadow."

11. Drummond is awarded what title by the Mayor?
(a) Head of State.
(b) Temporary Town Captain.
(c) Head Colonel.
(d) Temporary Honorary Colonel.

12. When Melinda sees Drummond's shadow, she thinks it is what?
(a) The monkey.
(b) A snake.
(c) The devil.
(d) Bert Cates.

13. What does Rachel beg Drummond to do, following jury selection?
(a) Show some respect for her town.
(b) Call off the trial.
(c) Read his Bible.
(d) Defend Cates to his best ability.

14. Who notices the train when Brady is arriving?
(a) Hornbeck.
(b) Melinda.
(c) Timmy.
(d) Reverend Brown.

15. Brady says that Drummond defended a publishing company for what?
(a) Plagiarism.
(b) Laundering money.
(c) Killing the messenger.
(d) Immorality.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the opening of Act One take place?

2. Who is providing Cates with a lawyer?

3. What does Drummond say about Cates when Rachel asks about him?

4. To Rachel, Hornbeck claims to be on whose side?

5. Drummond says that killing a wife is not as bad as killing what?

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