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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reverend Brown requests the crowd to do what to those who defy the Word?
(a) Stone them.
(b) Love them.
(c) Guide them.
(d) Curse them.

2. Drummond asks Howard if Cates taught him what?
(a) Every snowflake is different.
(b) The world was once thought flat.
(c) Conformity is dulling.
(d) God created the universe.

3. What does the judge say is not on trial?
(a) Rachel and her morals.
(b) The right to think.
(c) The townspeople and their beliefs.
(d) Curiosity of the heavens.

4. Drummond believes Cates is really on trial for what?
(a) Loving Rachel.
(b) Publicity.
(c) Teaching evolution.
(d) Choosing to speak what he thinks.

5. What surprise witness does Drummond call to the stand?
(a) Cates.
(b) Mrs. Brady.
(c) Brady.
(d) The Storekeeper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Drummond suggests that anyone who is "against Brady" is what?

2. After the prayer meeting, what does Drummond suggest Brady has done?

3. Who chants responses during the prayer meeting?

4. What is Rachel scared of as a child?

5. What happens to Drummond's second witness?

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