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Act 1, Scene 1

• Howard scares Melinda with talk of evolution.

• Rachel visits Cates, who is in jail for teaching evolution.

• Rachel urges Cates to apologize to avoid the trial, but he refuses.

• The townspeople prepare for Brady, the prosecuting attorney, to arrive.

• Hornbeck, a reporter, gets and gives opinions on evolution from the townspeople.

• Brady arrives in town with much fanfare.

• Hornbeck reveals the Baltimore Herald is funding famed defense lawyer Drummond.

• Hornbeck tells Rachel that he is writing Cates as a hero.

• Drummond arrives in town with no fanfare.

Act 1, Scene 2

• Drummond and Brady interview prospective jury members.

• Bannister is revealed as a church attendee and is accepted to the jury by Brady.

• Drummond rejects a prospective juror who claims to believe in God and Brady.

• Drummond protests Brady's "colonel" title; the mayor awards Drummond the same.

• The remaining jury is selected.

• The judge announces a prayer meeting...

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