Infinity Son Short Essay - Answer Key

Adam Silvera
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1. What is the Crowned Dreamer and why is it important?

The Crowned Dreamer is a faint constellation that will show in the sky for about a month. Then it will disappear for another 67 years. No one knows how long the celestials have existed or how they go their powers, but there seems to be a connection with the stars. So people hope that the Crowned Dreamer will bring powers.

2. What does the specter look like in Chapter 1?

The specter is a woman who is in her 20s. She is wearing heeled boots and she is sweating like she has been running for blocks. She is wearing a blazer that does not fit well and is missing a sleeve. Her arm is red as if it is sunburned.

3. In Chapter 2, how do Atlas and Maribelle escape the enforcers?

The enforcers arrive and subdue the specter. Atlas and Maribelle have a wordless exchange. She takes a deep breath. He rolls to the side, and she levitates. A gust of wind knocks over spectators as strong winds lift Atlas, and he grabs Maribelle. They fly over an apartment building and out of reach of the enforcers.

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