Objects & Places from Infinity Son

Adam Silvera
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The Crowned Dreamer

This is a constellation that is supposed to bring powers. It is a symbol for power.


These are usual people who have used the blood of magical creatures to gain power. They symbolize evil and wickedness.

Spell Walkers

These are celestials and others who work to protect one another and to save the world from evil. They symbolize good.


This is a century phoenix. It symbolizes innocence.

Social Media

This is a way to communicate with people on the internet and to gain followers by posting information. It symbolizes the desire for fame and accomplishment.

Nova Grace Elementary

This is one shelter for celestials. It symbolizes safety.

Manhattan’s Light Sky Tower

This is the headquarters for the Blood Casters. It symbolizes evil.


These are creatures that die in flame and are reborn. They symbolize reincarnation.

The Urn

This is where Luna's...

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