Infinity Son Fun Activities

Adam Silvera
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Create a diorama of the Museum of National Creatures.


Discuss with a group whether you would prefer to be a celestial or a reincarnated specter and what powers you would like to have.

Author Interview

List ten questions that you would like to ask the author if you could interview him.

The End

Discuss with a group the author's purpose for ending the book without a resolution and if the author achieved his purpose by ending the story without a resolution.


Use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to compare how phoenixes are depicted in the book, and how they are depicted in other works of literature. Show similarities and differences.

Map It

Create a map of places where characters lived and traveled.

Phoenix Song

Create a song that you think might have been sung by a phoenix.

Kirk's Bargain

Discuss with a group the bargain...

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