Infinity Son Character Descriptions

Adam Silvera
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This character is adopted, but is raised thinking he has a twin brother. He becomes a specter with phoenix fire when he is 18.


This character’s grandmother had powers, and he hopes he will too. He learns that his brother is actually adopted when they are 18.

Ness Arroyo/Eduardo Iron

This character is the son of the Senator. He gains the power to morph and becomes a Blood Caster.


This character believes she is a celestial. She learns that she was adopted and is actually a celestial and a specter.


This character is a kind and generous Spell Walker. He is murdered when his girlfriend's body is possessed by a Blood Caster.


This character is the celestial leader of the Spell Walkers. Her parents are killed when they are trying to prevent an attack.


This character is friends with brothers who have been...

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