Infinity Son Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Adam Silvera
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Chapters 1-8

• In Chapter 1, Emil and his twin brother, Brighton, will turn 18 at midnight.

• Emil thinks that Brighton needs to grow up and quit acting like a kid.

• Brighton is filming a block party for his online series, Celestials of New York.

• Everyone is celebrating the rise of the Crowned Dreamer constellation.

• It will appear for a month and then disappear for another 67 years.

• No one knows how the celestials gained their powers, but they seem to have some connection to the stars.

• So constellations are always a major event for them.

• Emil is glad to see people celebrating for a change.

• Violence and injustice against celestial has doubled in the last nine months.

• Brighton is hoping that the brothers will gain powers because of the Crowned Dreamer and their 18th birthdays.

• Emil notices a 20-something woman running.

• Two figures pursue her from the air.

• Brighton starts filming...

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