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Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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Short Answer Questions

1. Ayaan was determined to escape and so she went to visit what person whom she helped rescue and bring into Kenya from the border of Somalia in Chapter 10, "Running Away"?

2. After the assassination of Theo van Gogh, Ayaan's security detail became even tighter and over how many days was she allowed minimal contact with friends or anyone in the outside world?

3. When Ayaan filled out her official paperwork for refugee status, she changed her name from Ayaan Hirsi Megan to what?

4. When did Ayaan's short film made with Theo van Gogh air on Dutch television?

5. What head of the Ministry of Justice began an official investigation into Ayaan's asylum case in the Epilogue?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did the author describe taking a position in the Epilogue? Why?

2. Where did Ayaan decide to seek political asylum in Chapter 10, "Running Away"? Why?

3. How does the author describe her participation in public debates in Chapter 15, "Threats"?

4. Where did Ayaan travel when death threats became an issue in Chapter 15, "Threats"? How did she encounter politics on this trip?

5. Who stole the author's refugee papers in Chapter 12, "Haweya"? Why?

6. How is the beginning of the author's political career described in Chapter 16, "Politics"?

7. Where did Ayaan travel in the beginning of Chapter 10, "Running Away"? Who did she meet there?

8. What interactions did Ayaan have with her father and husband in Chapter 11, "A Trial by the Elders"?

9. What political group did Ayaan begin working for after completing her degree in Chapter 14, "Leaving God"?

10. What were Ayaan's impressions of the West when she arrived in Chapter 10, "Running Away"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss Hirsi Magan Isse, Somali Salvation Democratic Front and the Somalian Revolution. Who was deposed during the revolution? How much power did Ayaan's father have politically? How did these events influence the ideas of Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the role of tolkas in Somali society and the divorce of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. How are tolkas arranged and who is present? How did Ayaan's husband respond to her request for divorce? What was the reaction of Ayaan's family?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss and analyze the author's year in Ethiopia in Chapter 4, "Weeping Orphans and Widowed Wives." What led the family to move to Kenya? Also describe Ayaan's first encounters with Christianity at the school in Ethiopia. What were the living circumstances like for the author?

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