Infidel Character Descriptions

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This is the author and narrator of the book detailing her struggles through a tumultuous life of moving from one country to another, and experiencing political strife.

Asha Artan - Ayaan's mother

The views on this woman might be varied, as she undoubtedly abused her children, especially the protagonist. However, looking on a deeper level, the reader can see a strong woman, who left the countryside of Somalia to pursue a future of her own making.

Hirsi Magen, Abeh, Ayaan's father

A spoiled young man, this figure rarely placed his family's need above the love of his country and desire to free it from the regime he disagreed with.

Haweya Magen, Ayaan's sister

This individual is a troubled soul and deeply rebellious in many ways throughout her entire life, trying to find her own way and never quite succeeding. The circumcision which she underwent was...

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