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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Durance ask Flora to do with him?
(a) Run away with him.
(b) Make love to him.
(c) Live with him.
(d) Marry him.

2. What does Das offer to Flora when she cries?
(a) His paintings.
(b) His handkerchief.
(c) His coat.
(d) His hand.

3. What does the Rajah offer to drive past Flora?
(a) His collection of scooters.
(b) His collection of bicycles.
(c) His collection of motorbikes.
(d) His collection of cars.

4. What does Mrs. Swan say killed her husband?
(a) A heart attack.
(b) A seizure.
(c) A stroke.
(d) Cancer.

5. Who does the note say is coming to meet Pike?
(a) The Rajah.
(b) Das.
(c) Anish.
(d) The fan boy.

6. What does the English couple say the Rajah of Jummapur collects?
(a) American literature.
(b) European cars.
(c) English china.
(d) European guns.

7. What subject did Flora raise in the witness box that got her into trouble?
(a) Sex.
(b) Violence.
(c) Religion.
(d) Race.

8. Who does Flora say invited her to lunch?
(a) Durance.
(b) The Rajah.
(c) Das.
(d) Gandhi.

9. What does Dilip tell Pike is a way of life in India?
(a) Dying.
(b) Starving.
(c) Begging.
(d) Hating.

10. Who was the riot earlier in the day against?
(a) The British.
(b) The Indian govenment.
(c) The Indian nationalists.
(d) The French.

11. Who does Dilip say beggars help?
(a) People who need to do something good for their soul.
(b) People who have too much money to spend.
(c) People who have never fallen in love.
(d) People who want to move to a better place in their lives.

12. What language does Anish say Hindus paint in?
(a) The language of expressionism.
(b) The language of absurdity.
(c) The language of symbols.
(d) The language of love.

13. What culture does Das say he is fascinated by?
(a) Irish culture.
(b) Welsh culture.
(c) English culture.
(d) Scottish culture.

14. What kind of alcoholic drink do Mrs. Swan and Anish talk about?
(a) Vodka and coke.
(b) Whisky and coke.
(c) Wine and lemonade.
(d) Gin and tonic.

15. What disease does gin and tonic provide a vaccination against?
(a) Scurvy.
(b) HIV.
(c) Malaria.
(d) Polio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Flora say she cannot dance?

2. Where does Flora say she wants to take a trip?

3. What does Pike refer to the Rajah as?

4. What do Flora and Durance do in the historic area of the stage?

5. What does Das say the British have destroyed?

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