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1. Describe Flora's first meeting with Mr. Commaraswami.

Flora met Mr. Coomaraswami in a town called Jummapur. He is the President of the local Theosophical Society and as a famous writer, Flora has agreed to give a lecture. The pair shake hands and Coomaraswami takes her to her cottage. Before he leaves he promises he will take her on a picnic the following afternoon.

2. Why has Pike come to visit Mrs. Swan?

Pike has to visit Mrs. Swan to talk about Flora. Pike is an American academic, researching a book on Flora's collected letters.

3. Why does Mrs. Swan dislike biographies?

When Pike hears Flora once had an affair with H.G Wells, he becomes excited and asks for more information. However, Mrs Swan she will give him no more because she does want him to write a biography. In her opinion, biographies distort the truth.

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