Indian Ink Character Descriptions

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Coomaraswami - He is the president of the Theosophical Society in Jummapur, India. He greets Flora upon her arrival at the train station in 1930.

Flora Crewe - She travels by herself to India in April, 1930, presumably for her health, to live and write. In India, she encounters Nirad Das, an amateur artist who paints her portrait while she writes. She learns from Das about the struggle among Indians for independence from British colonization.

Anish Das - In the mid-1980s, he visits the home of Mrs. Swan, Flora's sister, in England, to learn more about his father's portrait of Flora.

Nirad Das - He is an amateur painter and asks to paint a portrait of Flora as she sits writing her poetry. During these painting sessions, he and Flora discuss the politics of Indian colonization by the British Empire.

Dilip - He is an Indian man...

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