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Act 1 Part 1

• Flora is traveling through 1930s India. She narrates her journey through a series of letters.

• Flora describes her first meeting in a town called Jummapur with the president of the local Theosophical Society, Mr. Coomaraswami. Mr. Coomaraswami takes her to the cottage where she will be staying.

• Back in the 1980s, Flora's sister, Mrs. Swan, and an American academic called Pike read Flora's letter. Pike is putting together a book of Flora's letters and has to come to see Mrs. Swan as part of his research.

• When Pike becomes excited over some of the smaller details of Flora's life, Mrs. Swan tells him she will not allow him to write a biography.

• Flora writes how she met an Indian man called Das at one of her lectures. She says he was sitting at the front, drawing her portrait. After the lecture Das asks if he can...

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