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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank call the time he is living now?
(a) The Best is Yet to Come Period
(b) Waiting to Check out Period
(c) Best Time of His Life Period
(d) Existence Period

2. What is the name of the McLeods' little boy?
(a) Brian
(b) Eric
(c) Bobby
(d) Nelson

3. Why does Sally call Frank "a wife's dream?"
(a) He is sensitive
(b) He doesn't snore
(c) He takes out the trash
(d) He buys jewelry

4. What happened to Clair a few weeks ago?
(a) She moved away
(b) She was raped and murdered
(c) She changed careers
(d) She married someone else

5. Who are the twins that work part time for the real estate company?
(a) Livermore
(b) Dunsmore
(c) Langston
(d) Lewis

6. What was the former name of the establishment in #73?
(a) Ruby's by the Road
(b) Birch Beer Depot
(c) Dog & Suds Root Beer
(d) Waco Taco Stand

7. Ann tells Frank that Paul flipped out and hit Charley with ____________________.
(a) A deck chair
(b) An oarlock
(c) A broom
(d) His fist

8. Frank moved from New York to ____________.
(a) Ohio
(b) Georgia
(c) California
(d) Florida

9. With whom does Frank plan to visit this evening?
(a) Ava
(b) Clair
(c) Regina
(d) Sally

10. Where do Frank's ex-wife and two children live?
(a) Deep River, CT
(b) Groton, CT
(c) Boston, MA
(d) New York

11. What is the upcoming holiday?
(a) Columbus Day
(b) Fourth of July
(c) Labor Day
(d) Memorial Day

12. Sally Caldwell's husband returned from the Vietnam War and __________________________.
(a) Re-enlisted in the army
(b) Changed careers
(c) Went back to college
(d) Packed his bags and vanished

13. In what city does the story begin?
(a) Springboro, Ohio
(b) Haddam, New Jersey
(c) Rhinebeck, New York
(d) Albany, Georgia

14. Who is the owner of the home Frank is showing to the Markhams?
(a) Marc Doherty
(b) Ted Hanson
(c) Tom Hanrahan
(d) Ted Houlihan

15. Where does Frank plan to take Paul?
(a) Disney World
(b) Six Flags
(c) Kennebunkport
(d) Basketball and Baseball Halls of Fame

Short Answer Questions

1. In whose home does Frank live?

2. What does Frank think about as he drives?

3. What is one of the things Frank must take care of before leaving on the weekend trip?

4. What was Frank's former career?

5. What does Joe Markham tell Frank when Frank returns his phone message?

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