Independence Day Character Descriptions

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Frank Bascombe

He is kind-hearted and has an earnest desire to help humanity in his own small way, through his real estate practice, his efforts as a father, and his reading to the blind.

Paul Bascombe

He and his father both share an obsessive need to catalog, analyze, and decipher their feelings, as represented by his concept of thinking about thinking.

Ann O'Dell

Her plight represents the plight of many wives, and the author uses her character to depict an emotion that nearly every human being has suffered: rejection.

Charley O'Dell

He comes from money and is able to provide his wife and the children a lifestyle that her former husband could not match.

Clair Devane

She was the only black female agent at Lauren-Schwindell.

Irv Ornstein

His business is simulation, and this serves as a metaphor for another character's life during his time of merely existing.

Clarissa Bascombe

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