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Chapter 1

• Frank Bascombe, a real estate agent in Haddam, New Jersey, enjoys his life and anticipates the time he will spend with his son, Paul, during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

• Frank has been divorced from his ex-wife, Ann, for seven years and their children, Paul and Clarissa, live with their mother.

• Frank lives in his ex-wife's home and she lives with her new husband, Charley O'Dell, in Connecticut.

• Paul has recently been getting into some trouble with shoplifting and assault and battery.
• Frank has dedicated himself to spending more time with Paul and plans to integrate the lessons from Independence Day with Paul's need to grow up and be independent too.

Chapter 2

• Frank drives to his real estate office and bemoans the influx of low class tourists.

• Frank heads to one of his two rental properties in hopes of collecting the rent from the McLeods.

• The...

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