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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam plan to do with her car to make it look mean?
(a) Take the door handles off.
(b) Paint it black.
(c) Put gold rims on it.
(d) Cut a hole in the roof.

2. What does the doctor do when Emmett mentions Agent Orange as a possibility for his skin problems?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He acts as if he didn't say anything.
(c) He becomes very serious.
(d) He writes something down.

3. Tom and Jim are collecting money for whose child that needs an operation?
(a) Emmett's.
(b) Buddy's.
(c) Pete's.
(d) Jim's.

4. What does Dawn say she is sick of in the context of not wanting to have a baby?
(a) Eating fast food.
(b) Bowing to Ken's will.
(c) Playing mommy.
(d) Not having enough money.

5. What does Sam say that vets often get in their head?
(a) An ideology.
(b) A notion.
(c) A flashback.
(d) A headache.

Short Answer Questions

1. Emmett's ability to become absorbed in thought over mundane things makes him good at what?

2. What does Sam buy at Flag Days?

3. What book of Anita's does Sam set her sweaty glass on?

4. What does Anita tell Sam that Emmett wrote on the chalkboard when Anita was visiting high school classes?

5. What does Emmett call the route between Burger Boy and McDonald's?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sam feel about Bruce Springsteen?

2. How does Sam feel about Dawn's news of being pregnant?

3. What reasons does Sam have for trying to persuade Emmett to get a job?

4. What does Sam feel when she hears the new Beatles song on the radio?

5. What is the difference between Dwayne and Emmett in relation to Vietnam?

6. For Sam, what is the difference between the way people express their feelings on TV versus how they do in real life?

7. How does Emmett respond when Sam asks idf he is afraid their house will fall down?

8. Why does Hopewell have Flag Days?

9. How does Sam see the waitress at Howard Johnson's where she, Mawmaw, and Emmett eat on their trip?

10. How does the media treat the elections as Sam and Emmett watch the coverage on TV?

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