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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sam think Emmett has been progressing over the years?
(a) He has been getting more complacent.
(b) He has been getting more crazy.
(c) He has been getting more agitated.
(d) He has been mellowing out.

2. Who does Sam take Emmett to go see?
(a) Dr. Cisco.
(b) Dr. Kresko.
(c) Dr. Fielding.
(d) Dr. Crisco.

3. What does Sam plan to do with her car to make it look mean?
(a) Take the door handles off.
(b) Paint it black.
(c) Put gold rims on it.
(d) Cut a hole in the roof.

4. Emmett's ability to become absorbed in thought over mundane things makes him good at what?
(a) Pac-Man.
(b) Watching television.
(c) Sweeping floors.
(d) Digging trenches.

5. From where does Lonnie call on the night of the dance?
(a) Lexington.
(b) The lake.
(c) Burger Boy.
(d) Paducah.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita say about the Vietnam War in general, agreeing with what Sam says her mother thinks about the war?

2. What does Emmett call the route between Burger Boy and McDonald's?

3. What does Sam think of Moon Pie's life?

4. What is the name of Dawn's boss?

5. Tom and Jim are collecting money for whose child that needs an operation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Emmett warn Sam and Lonnie not to let Moon Pie outside when the leave for Caewood's Pond?

2. Why doesn't Emmett take the job he is offered at the cookie factory?

3. What does Dawn tell her when Sam tells her Lonnie is going to a stag party?

4. What does Sam feel when she hears the new Beatles song on the radio?

5. Why is it ironic that Colonel Blake fell out of the sky on his way home from the war?

6. What do Sam and Dawn have in common concerning their living arrangements?

7. How does Sam see the waitress at Howard Johnson's where she, Mawmaw, and Emmett eat on their trip?

8. How does Anita act towards Emmett when she comes over for dinner?

9. What is the excuse Sam thinks to herself that might keep her from going to Lonnie's brother's wedding?

10. Why is Sam afraid to ask Emmett why he flew the Vietcong flag from the courthouse?

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