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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because of working on the foundation of the house, Emmett becomes acutely conscious of what?
(a) Structures.
(b) Basement lighting.
(c) Mold count.
(d) Mud viscosity.

2. Emmett's ability to become absorbed in thought over mundane things makes him good at what?
(a) Digging trenches.
(b) Sweeping floors.
(c) Pac-Man.
(d) Watching television.

3. Where does Sam speculate that her father with his family might have moved had he lived?
(a) Memphis.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) New York.
(d) Boca Raton.

4. What video game are Anita and Emmett playing when Sam calls Lonnie?
(a) Chopper Command.
(b) Galaga.
(c) Pac-Man.
(d) Space Invaders.

5. How was the gym decorated for the dance?
(a) Like a birthday party.
(b) Like a Japanese tea party.
(c) Like a float parade.
(d) Like the Vietnam jungle.

6. What did Emmet put in the courthouse tower that had the town talking?
(a) Fire extingusher foam.
(b) Fifteen hundred marshmallows.
(c) A live wolverine.
(d) A Vietcong flag.

7. What part of Dawn's attire does Sam particularly like?
(a) Her blouses.
(b) Her necklaces.
(c) Her hair barettes.
(d) Her earring collection.

8. What does Sam think is tragic about Dawn?
(a) That she hasn't told Ken about the pregnancy yet.
(b) That she won't eat right.
(c) That she hadn't taken the pill.
(d) That she enjoys working at Burger Boy.

9. What does Dawn tell Sam is another name for falsies?
(a) The Augmenters.
(b) The Gay Deceivers.
(c) The Melon Makers.
(d) The Tissue Temptations.

10. How old is Tom, which is an age that Dawn thinks is really old?
(a) Around forty-five.
(b) Almost twenty-five.
(c) About thirty-four.
(d) Pushing forty.

11. What is the shape of Lonnie's birthmark?
(a) A sickle.
(b) A sun.
(c) A German shepherd.
(d) An alligator.

12. Anita gives Sam a list of what for Emmett?
(a) Facial remedies.
(b) Doctors.
(c) Groceries.
(d) Things to do at home.

13. When M*A*S*H ends its run, what does Emmett say is not the same?
(a) AfterMash.
(b) Television.
(c) His take on war.
(d) Sam's attitude.

14. Whose death was more real to Sam than the death of her father when she was a child?
(a) John Lennon's.
(b) Colonel Blake's.
(c) Martin Luther King's.
(d) Kennedy's.

15. What does Emmett remember most about Vietnam when Sam asks him to talk to her about it?
(a) The taste of beans and ham.
(b) The smell of fish sauce.
(c) Flying over Saigon.
(d) Agent Orange.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book of Anita's does Sam set her sweaty glass on?

2. What does Anita say about the Vietnam War in general, agreeing with what Sam says her mother thinks about the war?

3. What does Sam think beer smells like when Lonnie kisses her and it is on his breath? Sulpher

4. Where does Tom say the bird that Emmett is looking for resided in Vietnam?

5. What does Anita tell Sam that Emmett wrote on the chalkboard when Anita was visiting high school classes?

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