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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam think of her name?
(a) It's an all-purpose name.
(b) She wants to be called Lisa.
(c) She uses it to fool people.
(d) She hates it.

2. Who does Sam think Tom looks like?
(a) Ronald Reagan.
(b) Bruce Springsteen.
(c) Paul McCartney.
(d) Boy George.

3. Who does Sam take Emmett to go see?
(a) Dr. Fielding.
(b) Dr. Kresko.
(c) Dr. Cisco.
(d) Dr. Crisco.

4. How old is Tom, which is an age that Dawn thinks is really old?
(a) About thirty-four.
(b) Around forty-five.
(c) Almost twenty-five.
(d) Pushing forty.

5. What does Sam think beer smells like when Lonnie kisses her and it is on his breath? Sulpher
(a) A sulfur factory.
(b) A dog's breath.
(c) A run-over skunk.
(d) Pickle juice.

6. What does Sam plan to do with her car to make it look mean?
(a) Paint it black.
(b) Take the door handles off.
(c) Cut a hole in the roof.
(d) Put gold rims on it.

7. Hopewell doesn't have a mall, but it has a shopping center between Penney's and this place where Sam meets dawn.
(a) Wal-Mart.
(b) Nordstrom.
(c) Macy's.
(d) K Mart.

8. What does Emmett say that Anita is too much of for her own good?
(a) Boistrous.
(b) Pretty.
(c) Tall.
(d) Softhearted.

9. Where has Sam left his ring?
(a) On the window sill.
(b) In her sock drawer.
(c) Under her bed.
(d) At Dawn's house.

10. What do skin disease do grown-ups get that is a version of an adolescent skin disease?
(a) Psoriosis.
(b) Chloracne.
(c) Eczema.
(d) Flat warts.

11. When Lonnie asks Emmett where birds sleep, what does he say?
(a) In nests.
(b) Birds don't sleep.
(c) In bird beds.
(d) In flight.

12. What had Sam been told had probably killed her father?
(a) Agent Orange.
(b) An ambush.
(c) An M-16.
(d) A Bouncing Betty.

13. What is Emmett going to work on in the house after the foundation is fixed?
(a) Patching the roof.
(b) The plumbing.
(c) Insulating the house.
(d) The wiring.

14. What does Emmett mix with his Coke in the hotel room?
(a) Old Crow.
(b) Sprite.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Jim Beam.

15. What is the furthest Sam has run?
(a) Ten miles.
(b) Six miles.
(c) A marathon.
(d) Five miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emmett think is wrong with the VW?

2. Where does Sam speculate that her father with his family might have moved had he lived?

3. Where does Tom say the bird that Emmett is looking for resided in Vietnam?

4. Who does Sam imagine bellowing out rock songs at the enemy?

5. Where does Dawn want to "play"?

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