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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At which restaurant do Mawmaw, Sam, and Emmett eat?
(a) Cracker Barrel.
(b) Stucky's.
(c) Howard Johnson's.
(d) McDonald's.

2. What does Sam think of her name?
(a) She wants to be called Lisa.
(b) It's an all-purpose name.
(c) She hates it.
(d) She uses it to fool people.

3. What part of Dawn's attire does Sam particularly like?
(a) Her earring collection.
(b) Her blouses.
(c) Her hair barettes.
(d) Her necklaces.

4. What does Sam say that vets often get in their head?
(a) A flashback.
(b) An ideology.
(c) A notion.
(d) A headache.

5. What does Sam think of Moon Pie's life?
(a) It is meaningless.
(b) It is boring.
(c) It is simple.
(d) It is pure.

6. Because of working on the foundation of the house, Emmett becomes acutely conscious of what?
(a) Basement lighting.
(b) Structures.
(c) Mud viscosity.
(d) Mold count.

7. What does Emmett say that science can't explain?
(a) Why some people have two different colored eyes.
(b) Why a cat purrs.
(c) Where man comes from.
(d) Why zebras have stripes.

8. How does Sam think Emmett is progressing over the years?
(a) He is getting more complacent.
(b) He is getting more agitated.
(c) He is getting more crazy.
(d) He is mellowing out.

9. What does Sam think is tragic about Dawn?
(a) That she doesn't take the pill.
(b) That she doesn't tell Ken about the pregnancy yet.
(c) That she doesn't eat right.
(d) That she enjoys working at Burger Boy.

10. Who does Sam think Tom looks like?
(a) Boy George.
(b) Bruce Springsteen.
(c) Ronald Reagan.
(d) Paul McCartney.

11. Who does Sam imagine bellowing out rock songs at the enemy?
(a) Michael Jackson.
(b) Joan Jett.
(c) Cindy Lauper.
(d) Grace Slick.

12. What is Tom's garage called?
(a) Tom's Garage.
(b) Cars R Us.
(c) The Incubator.
(d) Kustom Kollision.

13. Anita gives Sam a list of what for Emmett?
(a) Doctors.
(b) Facial remedies.
(c) Groceries.
(d) Things to do at home.

14. What kind of car does Sam long for?
(a) A Mercedes.
(b) A Porsche.
(c) A Fiat.
(d) A Trans Am.

15. What is Sam told probably kills her father?
(a) An ambush.
(b) A Bouncing Betty.
(c) Agent Orange.
(d) An M-16.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emmett say causes cancer?

2. What does Dawn tell Sam is another name for falsies?

3. Who does Martha work with at the beauty shop, that thinks Emmett is cute as a bug's ear?

4. Where does M*A*S*H take place?

5. Which restaurant on the trip has Sam heard is good?

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