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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is depicted in the tattoo on Pete's chest?
(a) Jackson Purchase.
(b) Portraits of his war buddies.
(c) A pin-up girl.
(d) An M-16.

2. What book of Anita's does Sam set her sweaty glass on?
(a) "Life is a Bowl of Cherries...", by Erma Bombeck.
(b) "I'm Ok, You're Ok", by Thomas Harris.
(c) The Bible.
(d) "Out on a Limb", by Shirley MacLaine.

3. What brand of brownie mix does Anita prefer?
(a) Betty Crocker.
(b) Duncan Hines.
(c) Hershey.
(d) Ghirardelli.

4. What is Dawn doing to Sam at the beginning of Chapter three?
(a) Feeding her.
(b) Piercing her ears.
(c) Calling her.
(d) Braiding her hair.

5. What does Emmett call the route between Burger Boy and McDonald's?
(a) The greasy mile.
(b) Hamburger Hill.
(c) The mating range.
(d) The stooge corridor.

6. What does Dawn want to buy at the drugstore?
(a) A card for Ken.
(b) A pregnancy kit.
(c) Some Band-Aids.
(d) Some folic acid.

7. What part of Dawn's attire does Sam particularly like?
(a) Her blouses.
(b) Her earring collection.
(c) Her necklaces.
(d) Her hair barettes.

8. To whom does Emmett explain that the Romans and Egyptians are great excavators and builders?
(a) Pete Simms.
(b) Lonnie Malone.
(c) Mrs. Biggs.
(d) Sam.

9. What does Sam say she knows a thing or two about concerning cars?
(a) Frozen transmissions.
(b) Fixing wipers.
(c) Riggin broken mirrors.
(d) The brightness of tail lights.

10. What does Sam think beer smells like when Lonnie kisses her and it is on his breath?
(a) A run-over skunk.
(b) A sulfur factory.
(c) A dog's breath.
(d) Pickle juice.

11. Why doesn't Lonnie get a basketball scholarship to Murray?
(a) He breaks his thumb.
(b) His parents make too much money.
(c) His grades aren't good enough.
(d) He doesn't get his application in on time.

12. What does Sam buy at Flag Days?
(a) An American flag.
(b) Pom-pom socks.
(c) A camouflage jacket.
(d) A book of hymns.

13. How is the gym decorated for the dance?
(a) Like a birthday party.
(b) Like the Vietnam jungle.
(c) Like a float parade.
(d) Like a Japanese tea party.

14. What does Emmett think Jim is saying when he is talking about rap groups?
(a) That he says "slap groups".
(b) That he says "rat poops".
(c) That Jim wants to rap.
(d) That he means "wrap groups".

15. Who does Martha work with at the beauty shop, that thinks Emmett is cute as a bug's ear?
(a) Sally Ann.
(b) Dawn.
(c) Carolyn Crews.
(d) Anita.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it like for Sam to hear the new Beatles song on the radio?

2. What present does Martha get for her son's wedding that perplexes Sam?

3. What does Sam think of her name?

4. When M*A*S*H ends its run, what does Emmett say is not the same?

5. What does Tom say the defoliated jungle looks like?

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