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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What video game are Anita and Emmett playing when Sam calls Lonnie?
(a) Pac-Man.
(b) Galaga.
(c) Chopper Command.
(d) Space Invaders.

2. When Lonnie asks Emmett where birds sleep, what does he say?
(a) In nests.
(b) In flight.
(c) Birds don't sleep.
(d) In bird beds.

3. What do skin disease do grown-ups get that is a version of an adolescent skin disease?
(a) Flat warts.
(b) Eczema.
(c) Psoriosis.
(d) Chloracne.

4. What is Dawn doing to Sam at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) Feeding her.
(b) Braiding her hair.
(c) Piercing her ears.
(d) Calling her.

5. Where does Jim say he is taking Emmett to get the Agent Orange test?
(a) Jackson Purchase.
(b) Louisville.
(c) Paducah.
(d) Lexington.

6. Where does Dawn's father work?
(a) Hardee's.
(b) The farm equipment company.
(c) Burger Boy.
(d) The cookie factory.

7. What does the injured soldier do on M*A*S*H do that Emmett points out to Anita?
(a) Dies on the table.
(b) Goes into cardiac arrest.
(c) Throws a bedpan at Hawkeye.
(d) Wiggles his toes.

8. What does Dawn say she is sick of in the context of not wanting to have a baby?
(a) Bowing to Ken's will.
(b) Playing mommy.
(c) Not having enough money.
(d) Eating fast food.

9. Who does Sam take Emmett to go see?
(a) Dr. Kresko.
(b) Dr. Crisco.
(c) Dr. Cisco.
(d) Dr. Fielding.

10. What was it like for Sam to hear the new Beatles song on the radio?
(a) Hearing voices from the grave.
(b) Fingernails on a chalkboard.
(c) Being a musician.
(d) Eating chicken soup.

11. What does Emmett call the route between Burger Boy and McDonald's?
(a) The greasy mile.
(b) The mating range.
(c) Hamburger Hill.
(d) The stooge corridor.

12. Why didn't Lonnie get a basketball scholarship to Murray?
(a) His parents made too much money.
(b) He didn't get his application in on time.
(c) He broke his thumb.
(d) His grades weren't good enough.

13. What does Emmett say causes cancer?
(a) Power lines.
(b) Agent Orange.
(c) Microwaves.
(d) Fluoride in the water.

14. What does Emmett remember most about Vietnam when Sam asks him to talk to her about it?
(a) The taste of beans and ham.
(b) Agent Orange.
(c) Flying over Saigon.
(d) The smell of fish sauce.

15. What has Mawmaw been carrying in the car withe her on the trip?
(a) A can of bean rations.
(b) A purple heart.
(c) A pot of geraniums.
(d) A folded American flag.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom and Jim are collecting money for whose child that needs an operation?

2. What does Lonnie say of people's behavior at weddings?

3. What present does Martha get for her son's wedding that perplexes Sam?

4. What does Anita tell Sam that Emmett wrote on the chalkboard when Anita was visiting high school classes?

5. A bunch of average-looking pull up in what kind of car as Sam is leaving Burger Boy?

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