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Essay Topic 1

What does the egret symbolize for Emmett? Discuss various instances in the book where Emmett looks for the egret and what it means to him.

Essay Topic 2

How is Sam's impression of Vietnam different from soldier accounts of life there? How does Emmett feel about her impression of the war?

Essay Topic 3

What effect has the Vetnam War had on Emmett? How does it compare to the effect it had on other veterans of the war?

Essay Topic 4

Sam is resentful of her mother's new baby. Explain why.

Essay Topic 5

What happens to Sam's impression of her father when she finds his journal?

Essay Topic 6

Emmett spends many hours digging a hole next to the foundation of the house. What does he say are his reasons for doing so? What does Sam think his real reason is for doing it?

Essay Topic 7

To Sam, Dawn represents...

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